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Welcome to our webpage!

What's Going On!?

Okay, we've been kind of slacking on this webpage, but man do we have news for you!!!  Okay, we recently learned from our valuable source, Anime Insider Magazine, that there are two companies that are offering FREE ANIME STUFF to local clubs!  Now, if you have a club, I would suggest you join up with one these two companies.  You get anything from posters and flyers to DVDs and action figures!  The companies are listed here and their links to the sites are in the Links page.  A.Addict Club and Operation Anime

Okay, okay...just like last time, we've been doing an awful job at keeping up with our progress.  But not anymore!  We vow to keep up with this webpage as best as we can!  And we have a good reason too, let us tell ya.  We'll have the full information on that soon enough...hehehehe....

This webpage is always under detail, so please be sure to stop by often and check us out!  We'll be doing some pretty major construction here over the next few days.  Also, don't forget to email us and tell us what you think of our little shin-dig!

This webpage is made for the sole dedication of showing off the artwork of four fantastic anime artists!  In here, we include original work, fanart, fan writings and original writings.  If you like what we do, tell us, if you don't--tell us!  If you think we suck, we don't care, if you think we're good artists, then more power to you!  But, like I already said, this webpage is made for the pure enjoyment of us and to you-that is, unless you're not an otaku and thought this was a porn site.  Sorry bub.

We hope that you enjoy the site and that you'll tell all of your friends how wonderful it is!  And, be sure to email us and tell us what you think.  If we think it's worth it, we'll put your comment/question on the site!

What You'll Find on our Site!

  • Picture galleries!  Internet downloaded photos of just about every anime ever created!  And in no particular order.
  • Writings!  We all love to write so we can guarantee some GREAT reading!
  • Artwork!  We have fan art--and original art!  Come look at how talented we are
  • Links, lots of links!  Go to other sites that are crammed with LOADS of anime fun!


Hi, I'm Sailor Moon and welcome to the site!  Have fun looking at all the wonderful things there are here!

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