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Creators' Fan Fics

Our combined efforts are here.

We do not own any of the characters written in our fan fictions.  If we did, we'd be stinking rich.  Please do not sue us-for your benenfit as well as ours.  We have nothing to be sued for, and you would just be wasting your hard-earned money on a lawyer for nothing.  Thank you!
All poetry written here is ORIGINAL so don't you dare take it and claim it as your own!  We'll find your website and destroy it!  So, if you take it, give us the credit.  Enjoy!


In My Heart
I'm feeling a little low right now.
I'm feeling a little down.
I'm looking for something to say.
I'm looking far, far away.
I'm knowing you don't want me.
I'm knowing I refuse to see.
A hidden legacy given to one with
A heart of altruism.
The journey decides the destiny
Of all who follow.
Fate bestowed upon each soul
The ambiance telling the way.
The way is precarious, but they do
Not stray.
A new song will be sung to one who is a true hero.
The Word is "Full"
Don't doubt your soul, know what's inside.
Know what feels right.
Despair over nothing, don't let
Yourself become empty.
Believe who you love.
Feel free and finalize amazing secrets:
The word is "full."

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud, Tifa, Cid

By Stacy


Cloud unsheathed his sword and ran at the battery cap, slicing it with his great sword, killing it instantly. It was Tifa's turn. She lunged forward to another monster, punching and kicking it, sending it oblivion. The battle was over. They had won, like they do many times. After the battle, the two and Cid sat around a fire in the open sky. " Well," Cid said lazily, patting his stomach, smoking a cigarette, "I think today was a nice day."

"Yeah, me too. Too bad we're so far away from home, though. I wonder how everyone else is doing?," said Tifa.

Cloud poked at the fire with a long stick. The fire made his eyes glow an iredescent blue which was eerie, yet kind of sexy and Tifa just happened to notice. "Maybe we should get to bed. We really have a long way to go before we reach the Junon shores." He stopped poking at the fire and lay down to sleep.

Cid looked at Cloud a little disappointed. "He never really knows how to keep up conversation, does he?"

Tifa only glanced at Cid then her eyes trailed back over to Cloud. "He's just tired, that's all. He'll be really energetic in the morning. Now come on Cid, let's get some rest." She lay down in front of the fire and closed her eyes, with the image of Cloud's face on the insides of her eyelids.

Cid shrugged and plopped down on the cold ground. He looked up at the stars and smiled. "Hehe, I feel like it was yesterday when I could practically touch you stars." He closed his eyes and quickly began snoring, dreaming of outer space.

"Tifa," came a voice. It whispered in her ear so softly she could barely hear it. "Tifa,come on," it whispered louder and she woke up and looked around. "Tifa please, come on."

"Who's there?," she asked a little afraid. She looked at Cid who's mouth was hanging open, snoring quietly.

"Just come on," it said again, getting a little agitated. A shadow rushed past her, toward the river that was a little up north.

Tifa followed the shadow and stood in front of him. Cloud gave a little grin and cocked his head to the side and looked into her deep brown eyes. "Did you want to talk about something?," asked Tifa, blushing a little, and thanking God that it was too dark for him to notice.

Cloud smiled a little more, his glowing blue eyes twinkling like two stars. "Is there something wrong with wanting to be with my closest friend?"

"N-no, there's nothing wrong with that at all," replied Tifa shyly.

Cloud laughed a little and grabbed Tifa's hand in his. He leaned in closer and gently touched his lips against hers. Then, he reached his arms around her waist and pulled her up against him. Tifa sighed a little, and put her arms around his neck. Then Cloud pulled his lips away and said, "Tifa, there's nothing I want more than you. I need to know, do you feel the same at all?"

Tifa's eyes filled with tears and she whispered,"Yes, Cloud, I want you too. More than anything else in this world!"

Cloud smiled, kissed her again and held her tightly in his arms, as though letting go of her would cause the entire world to collapse. Cid could he heard talking in his sleep, "God damn bastards, come here! I'll teach your happy asses for stealin' my cigs!" The sun slowly began its way up into the sky.

"Tifa..." The voice was a little harsh now. Tifa stirred slightly and the voice got louder and more harsh. "Dammit, Tifa wake up! We gotta get going! TIFA!!!" Tifa shot up like a rocket and Cid said, "Damn, girl it couldn't take a  damn trumpet blowing in your ears to get your ass up!"

Tifa rubbed her eyes and saw Cloud getting his sword into its sheathe. He glanced at Tifa and smiled at her. Tifa smiled back, stood up and stretched. Cloud walked past Tifa and brushed his shoulder against her arm. Cid picked up his lance and swung it around his head three times before putting it in a belt loop. "Sleep well,you two?" asked Cid looking at the sky.

"I didn't get all that much sleep last night," said Cloud, looking at Tifa.

"Oh,okay then," said Cid. "What about you, Tifa? Sleep well?"

Tifa nodded and glanced at Cloud, who was checking on his materia. Finally, Cloud said, "Come on guys, we'd better get going."

"I'm with ya!!," Cid ran ahead of Tifa and Cloud, his arms swinging wide.

Tifa was behind Cloud, looking at him a little let down. Was it just a dream? she thought to herself. I wish it wasn't. I wish he really would've said those things, I wish he would've really held me close to him. Why can't I just tell him how I really feel!?

Cloud looked back at Tifa and looked at her questioningly. Tifa pulled some hair behind her ears and looked at her feet. "Something wrong, Tifa?," he asked, with the same sparkle in his eyes as that night before at the river. He stopped and waited for her to answer.

Tifa stood in front of him and said quietly,stuttering,"I-I j-just wish that-"

Cloud interrupted her with a little kiss on the cheek and said, "I wish I could've held you longer, but you fell asleep in my arms. What did you think? That it was a dream?"

Tifa smiled and grabbed Cloud's hand, "If it were, I never would've woke up."

Cloud smiled and laughed a little, and kissed Tifa. Then they both heard Cid yelling at the top of his lungs, "COME ON YOU TWO!!! NIBELHEIM AND ROCKET TOWN AIN'T GONNA BE COMING FOR US! GOD DAMN IT,HURRY THE F**KING HELL UP!!!"

Cloud looked annoyed and let go of Tifa's hand and ran toward Cid. Tifa sighed, she too, was annoyed by the interruption and followed Cloud.

Final Fantasy VII:  Sephiroth and Vikki

by Vikki

Rated: R

I was walking home from work when i got the feeling that someone was following me.  Everytime i turned around i wouldn't see anyone. 

"You should be carefull walking out here alone.  Especially at night."  a mysterious voice said.

When i turned around i saw the most beautifull blue eyes, long silver hair, and a very sexy guy.

"I can take care of my self thank you."

I turned around and walked away.  As i turned to the next street I could here footsteps behind me and when i turned around i saw a guy coming at me.  i picked up my pace, and so did the guy until we were in a dead run.  He tackled me to the ground and took my purse.  When i got up i ran at him.

"You had better give me that back, or you're going to be very sorry you messed with me."

"Oh, i'm so scared!"

I lunged at him and i kicked him in the groin.  he toppled over and i stood there and laughed.

"I'm gonna make you think funny!" and he pulled out a knife.

Then out of nowhere came this strange guy. "what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Hey i needed the money. beside i didn't think she would care, for a bitch." he said.

"I'm gonna make you think bitch when i get through with you!"  i lunged at him again or at least i tried to, but the silver haired guy stopped me.

"Let m etake care of this." he said.

"I told you i can take care of my self."

"Yes i know!"

then he took out a long sword and scared the little devil to death.

"What the hell you trying to prove? Here she can have the damn thing back if its that important!"

As he ran past me he knocked me over making me bruise my elbow.  After he left, the silvered haired man helped me up.

"I told you i could take care of my self. you just never gave me a chance!" i screamed at him.

"Yeah but you looked like you needed help. why in the world are you walking out here at this time of night?"  he asked.

"I just got off work thank you. now if you don't mind, i'm going home. good by."


as i went to sleep i heard the door creak open. my eyes popped open and then i saw nothing. i got out of bed and went to look around the house to see if a weird psychopath had decided to pop in for a little nap time stroll through my apartment.

"who ever's here better get out before i blow your god damn head off!"

Then i saw movement in the corner of my eye and out stepped the silver haired man. I crossed my arms and bent one knee and gave him the most morbid stare.

"what the hell are you doing in my home?" i screamed at him.

"i thought that i'd come by and see how you were doing.  Besides i never got your name." he said with this sexy stare that returned my own.

"My name?" i rolled my eyes. "victoria, but my friend normally call me bambi. Don't use it! and i never got yours either."


it was as simple as that. we talked for hours it seemed until i finally fell asleep on the couch next to him.  suddenly i felt strong arms around my my waist  and under my neck.  i awoke and was still half asleep.

"what's going on?"

"nothing just go back to sleep."

*next morning*

i got up and i went to get dressed when i found a note next to my sun dress.

meet me next to the spot where you would of kicked the asshole.

i got dressed and i walked down to the alley and found him leaning up against the wall. i walked up to him and smiled.


he nodded and gave me a sliver of a smile.

"so why did you want me to come down here?" i asked hoping to get something out of him. something unique, special.......crazy.

"just thought i would liek to see you again. that's all, is there something wrong with that!?'' he said with his arogant attitude returning.

"fine i'll just leave. good bye."

when i got about a block away from my apartment i felt hands on my wrists and then i was spun around and lips fell upon mine. a skillful tongue parted my lips and begged me to respond. my hands lifted to play with his long silver hair as he pressed me against him. i pushed away and i looked up dizzily.

"um....i hardly know you and you're just now making a move? the least thing you could do is not do it in public." i screamed at him.

he looked at me and just walked away. i stood there with a confused look on my face, not knowing what to do i just walked back home with a little bit of dissapointment.

later that night i was sitting down to eat when i heard a knock at the door. i got up to get it when the knob turned on its own. i got scared and hid behind the couch, then in stepped Sephiroth.

"i'm seriously going to kill you!" i yelled at him.

He looked at me with the most beautiful blue eyes, and as we stood in the livingroom of my apartment, I couldn't imagine who moved first.  One moment we simply stared at each other, in awe of sensations that roiled about us like a powerful spell, like dark binding.  Then, in the moment of a blink, we had somehow surged together, each into the other's hungry embrace,  He captured and kissed me, drank in the rich taste, and earthy scent of me.  He held me tighter, his fingers digging into my bare shoulder, into my silky back, as if he could absorb some needed part of me into himself by sheer force.

I fumbled at the buttons of his shirt; did he here one or two clatter to the marble floor beneath him?  He chewed down the length of my neck to my now-bare shoulder, then to where my breasts rose full and rich from a bustier-type strapless bra of rich black satin. he ran his hot tongue between lace and skin and savoured taste and texture.  i arched my back with a hoarse cry, clutching at the waistband of his jeans as if to keep from being blasted back from him by the resulting jolt of energy.

"come!" he gasped.

i followed him to my room to find the bed was covered with rose petals.

"Naughy!" i laughed as wrapped his arms around me from behind, and the chare solidity of his forearm under my breasts felt familiar.  he kissed my ear and  then my neck, and then my shoulder.

I hardly knew this man, but yet it felt like i've known him for many years.  My Sephiroth.  As he slipped of my dress and bra, all that was left between us were panties and boxers.  I swallowed back a whimper.  even before he touched me  there, he teased the whimper out of me.

he kicked off his boxers and then slide my panties off and carried me to the bed.  finally he slipped a rubber into my hand.

"maybe, just this once you can protect me," i announced as i began to slip the rubber on him.

"so you are..." his eyes fell closed.  "are..." he gasped. "mine now?" and he regained control enough to open his eyes.

"would you even be here?" i grinned.

finally he slid into me and i moaned deeply.  i reared upward then,  and kissed him. he returned the kiss, his tongue thrusting deep, mimicking the rest of him.  locked in his arms, silver hair fallen all around us, i felt like i have fallen in love.

then sleep had finally taken us.  he moved to one side of me and he dissposed the rubber.  he kissed my forehead and then he placed his burning lips to mine.

"victoria?" he said.

"mm?" i answered sleepily.

i put my head on his shoulder and snuggled against him.

"just wanted to say, i love you." and i smiled as i was falling asleep.

"as do i my one winged angel."








Every day this section seems to be getting better and better!  Sooner or later, Stacy will get off her lazy butt and put some of her poetry here.